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As Seen On TV!!!

Your Personal Lie Detector

Truster 2.4  provides a real-time analysis of vocal segments from phone or face-to-face conversations right on your computer screen. Now you can know what's really going on behind the words:

"The check is in the mail" False Statement
"We loved the script" Inaccuracy
"You need a new muffler" Subject Is Not Sure
"I love you Daddy" Truth

Up until now this type of information was the privilege of law enforcement agents conducting lie detector tests. The inventors of Truster technology discovered a new way to calculate emotion in the human voice and chose to bring it to the masses.

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Truster is a handy decision-support tool to have on your side at home and in the office. Please do not attempt to reach decisions based solely on the system's results.

Minimum System Requirements:

Standard telephone with a receiver base (not cordless)

PC Pentium 100 or faster, with a CD-ROM

Windows 95 / NT 4.0


Windows® 95 compatible sound & video cards

Truster 2.4 comes with a User Guide for easy installation, and a Telephone-Computer Connector for connecting your phone to your PC. Simple to install! Just plug into your phone and PC and your all set!



Credit Cards

Checks & Money Orders


Questions? Email:  info@CatchaCheater.com



Experts have tested this software and its reliability has been proven worldwide. However, in certain cases the system may provide inaccurate results due to unskilled operation, a subject's personality, or the influence of external events. All results must be checked in reference to the specific testing situation. Trustech and / or any of its representatives cannot be held responsible for any outcomes resulting from the use of the Truster™ system.